Latest Happy Propose Day Messages and Wishes 2020

No matter whether she is already your girlfriend or you are planning to come in a relationship with her, celebrating propose day with meaningful text messages and kind gestures is always worthwhile. Sitting down on your knees and handing over a beautiful red rose flower in order to celebrate propose day will definitely make your relationship go a long way. Simple gestures ensures that your relationship never fades away. Apart from that, you can begin the day with happy propose a text messages 2020 in order to confess your love and make them feel better.

Propose day falls on the second day of valentine week and is celebrated on the 8th of February every year. It is the best time when you can express your feelings and easily put them down in words. The best propose Day messages have been written on this page and you can directly send them on WhatsApp or Instagram. also, you can add something from your and so that those simple messages hold more feelings and importance.

Happy propose Day messages 2020

I was looking for a meaning of life and then god presented you before me. And I realized where I truly belong! Happy propose day!

You’ve twisted my mind to the point that I can no longer imagine my world without you. I want you in my life forever! Happy propose day!

I have been to places and took on journeys, but I’ve never met a more beautiful person than you and a truer soul than yours. Will you be mine?

It’d be shame if I had never met you in my life. But it will be a crime now if I don’t hold your hands for life. Will you be mine, please?

I look back into my life and I can see asking for your hand was the best decision I ever made. Wishing you a happy propose day!

Take my endless love on this special day and know that you are the reason why I breathe and I live! Happy propose day!

Happy propose Day messages for Girlfriend

I can’t think of spending a day without you. I love you sweetheart. May we always remain together. Happy Propose Day!

Sweetheart, I want to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. Happy Propose Day, babes!

When I saw you it was love at the first sight. So lucky to have you in my life. Happy Propose Day!

The biggest moment of my life was when I proposed to you and you said yes. Happy Propose Day!

You have given a new meaning to my life sweetheart. Today I propose to you to be mine always. Happy Propose Day!

Every moment without you seems like ages. May we never part sweetheart. Happy Propose Day!

Simple propose Day messages

Today I profess my love for you from the bottom of my heart. Always be mine. Happy Propose Day, sweetheart

I do not know what life would have been if it was not for you. It is you who have filled my life with light. Happy Propose Day!

Today I kneel down in front of the most beautiful woman in the world and make a proposal. Would you be mine for ever. Happy Propose Day, sweetheart!

All I want is your company for the rest of my life. Happy Propose Day!

Growing old with you will be the greatest gift that God can give me. Happy Propose Day!

All I have ever wanted from life is to always have you by my side. Happy propose Day!

The world becomes so lifeless without you. Be mine forever. Happy Propose Day!

I love you, I miss you and I adore you. I want you in my life forever. Happy Propose Day!

You aren’t the one I want to stay with you are the one without whom I can’t stay… Happy Propose Day!!

What will happen if I stole your heart and you stole mine?…….. Happy Propose Day!!

I want to say that I have fallen in love with you so deeply.. Will you be mine?… Happy Propose Day!

Propose Day messages for Boyfriend

You came into my life and turned it into a blissful.. Love you…. Happy Propose Day!!

Remembering the time when you hold my hand and said those magical words…. Happy Propose Day hubby!!

I have no words to define my love for you.. all I can say is.. Will you marry me?… Happy Propose Day!

If I hold your hand and take you to a wonderful land, will you come with me?……….. Happy Propose Day!!

Propose Day Messages

Happy Propose Day wifey.. Love you now and forever…………….

My eyes are eagerly waiting to see you near me forever…. Will you be mine?… Happy Propose Day!

Happy Propose Day to the only girl I want to be with today, tomorrow and forever.. Love you!

All I want in life is to be with you… Will you be mine forever and ever?……………Happy Propose Day!

Have you ever  propose day seriously after being in a relationship? If no, this can make it really special by  expressing your feelings with happy propose day quotations. Even if she has been reciprocating  all your love, it’s time to make her feel special at the next level. Don’t give up a chance to love even more on this valentines week.

Latest propose Day messages for WhatsApp

I don’t know from when I started loving you! Today I’m expressing my feelings and want your answer. I love you!

You mean the life to me and I don’t want my life to go out of me. Will you marry me?

Together we make a great couple, please join me in my wedding as my partner. Love you.

The Bells are ringing in my heart and my mind is out of control. Say it, if ur feeling the same or I take backdoor.

On this propose day, I confess I love you the most my girl, will you be my partner for whole life?

You have beauty, I have the brain. The combination of beauty and brain is the deadly one. Let’s make it.

I don’t know what tomorrow wants from me, but I know that my heart won’t let you go today. Stay with me! Happy propose day!

As propose day is officially the best day to propose your loved one, here are some heartfelt, beautiful messages that you can send your one and only and make their day.

Latest happy propose Day messages

All I wanted was someone to care for me,

All I wanted was someone who’d b there for me,

All I ever wanted was someone who’d b true,

All I ever wanted was someone like You!

Happy Propose Day!


Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything in between. Love is a fairy-tale come true. Because I found love when I found you.


1). Nothing can separate us, even death. We are connected with eternal love. Let us stay together in this world and in heaven.

2). There are many love stories in this world, but ours is the sweetest. It is sweet because you are in the love story. Will you be with me forever?

3). Life looks so beautiful when you are around. The world looks so lifeless, when you are not around. Will you make my life beautiful by holding my hand?

Happy Propose Day Wishes for Girlfriend

Hey! I have put two alphabets together “U” and “I”. ill U be mine for ever beautiful

I can’t imagine life without you. Will you hold my hand tight for the rest of the life? Please be mine.

I adore you, and I love you. I want you for the rest of my life. Please be with me for the rest of my life.

Nights were cold and days were dull before I met you. You’re the reason why sun shines so bright every day! Wishing you a happy propose day!

When we are together, I don’t bother about the world, your heart is my place and I find peace in your arms. Heaven is where ever you are. Please be mine forever.

My day begins with you, my life ends without you. You are everything in my life. Let’s be together to enjoy the magic of love.

Final words

Celebrate the most romantic festival of the Year everyday starting from the 7th of February. Pick up the best happy propose Day messages and never take a back seat from saying that you love them. Go ahead with the digital happy propose Day text messages, images and quotations. Sending the meaningful will strengthen your Bond in one and many ways.

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